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Semiconductors Design FAQs

Is the SICLD Act 2000 applicable in India?
Yes! This Act is applicable in India for the IC Layout-Design IPR applications.


Are there any criteria for registration of a chip layout Design?
Yes! A layout Design should be original and registered, should be inherently distinctive, should not be commercially exploited anywhere in India.


Is it possible for a layout-Design to be jointly registered under the Act?
Yes! According to section 14 of that Act, it is possible for two owners to have proprietorship for their Design.


How long is the registration valid?
The registration of Lay out Design shall be valid for a period of 10 years from the date of filing of an application or from the date of first commercial exploitation anywhere in the country (whichever is earlier).


What is the punishment for infringing on a layout Design?
Infringement of a layout-Design is considered as a criminal offense, and the person is committing this crime will be either sent to prison for 3 years or pay a fine amount of not less than 50,000 rupees.

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