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About Us

Bizrights IP is a Intellectual Property Firm that specializes in the provision of professional services related to intellectual property, particularly Trademarks, Patent, Copyrights and Industrial Designs.


Generally, Intellectual Property are creations of your mind, for instance; Inventions, images, works of art and literature, names, designs as well as symbols. Our economies are increasingly becoming knowledge-based. For this reason, it is important for your intellectual property rights to be protected because it will help encourage creativity and innovation, enhance competitiveness and also create and increase employment opportunities.


Bizrights IP can help protect your company’s intangible assets, thus enabling you to profit from your innovative and creative activities. Are you aware that nearly 50% of the value of most companies across the world is in the form of intangible assets? Are you also aware that their value increases every day, especially since most of the economies are now based on knowledge? Given that most companies compete on innovation, quality and creativity rather than price of services/ goods, intellectual property is an extremely powerful tool that can increase your company’s competitiveness.


By providing professional services related to copyrights, patents, trademarks and industrial designs, Bizrights can help your company achieve its mission, vision and objectives.

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