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Technology Transfer

Bizrights IP has the capacity to effectively handle any type of technology transfer arrangement that involves Intellectual Property, such as renewal of contracts or agreements, transfer of knowledge that involves the manufacture or creation of a product, application of a particular process, provision of a specific service (such as management contracts) as well as transfer, licensing and assignment of any kind of IP rights.


Technology Transfer is a key strategic decision nowadays, followed by any progressive organization or individual. It helps in transferring any technology held (with IPR’s possibly) to those players who may be in need of procuring such technology and commercializing. Vice versa, any technology with established IPR, one may be requiring and may be inclined to go for getting it transferred from holder of IP Rights of similar technology as it may be prudent and wise to go for such transfer instead of investing in new R & D efforts towards researching in such technology one one’s own, which may be time consuming and may give returns quite late.

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