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Karthik is a graduate of law from India and a holder of a Master’s Degree in Technology Law from the prestigious National University of Singapore. His experience is in all areas relating to Technology Law and Intellectual Property. His working knowledge is in all areas of Creation of IPR, Signing – Up, Litigation and Maintenance. He is a writer of several articles on matters relating to IP Law. He also has put out a research paper on Parallel Importation and Geographical Indication. This paper put him at the top and gave him the best grade at the University of Singapore. At the moment, Mr. Karthik has been teaching on matters relating to IPR to officers of the government, huge groups of professionals and business people in a number of Indian cities. He has been able to attend International Trademark conventions and meetings held in various areas. Due to his interest in matters related to copyright as a result of progression in technology advancements, he has written a number of articles namely, Entertainment Industry versus Copyright and the Basics of Intellectual Property Law. In many ways, he is a good iconic figure who has significantly contributed to the law industry in India.

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